Woo hoo!

The author of the book Love Letters Vol.1 is mailing the physical book to our giveaway winners. I'll be sending her a list of book winners at the end of the challenge.

Love Letters, Volume 1: Moving On, Growing Up

Based on the real-life journey of a woman who wanted to grab every opportunity to express love and appreciation for the people who added value to her life: family, friends, lovers...no one is excluded. This collection of love letters helps us realize that many different people help shape the course of our life; and we should treasure every person, every moment that brings us to this exact spot within our development. Face your love! The Love Letters collection has inspired the Love and Appreciation movement, encouraging each person to acknowledge the special people in their lives by writing their own love letter. It isn't hard and doesn't require eloquence, only sincerity.

Please let me know the address that you'd like the book to be shipped to.