Hey busy parent, we know life can be a whirlwind! That's why we've crafted this challenge with you in mind. It's the perfect kickstart for those looking to step up their nutrition game and make eating well a breeze. Join us and take a big leap towards your health and fitness dreams!

Hey busy parent, we know life can be a whirlwind! That's why we've crafted this challenge with you in mind. It's the perfect kickstart for those looking to step up their nutrition game and make eating well a breeze. Join us and take a big leap towards your health and fitness dreams!

The Challenge Begins Feb 12, 2024


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How Does It Work?

Tackling this challenge is a breeze. Just pop open the Mindset Of Steel Fitness App daily to jot down what you're munching on – from your morning meal to your evening eats, and all the nibbles in between. Plus, if you're feeling extra peppy, log those workouts too! Every bit you track adds points to your tally, giving you that extra nudge of motivation to stay the course. Let's get those points rolling in!

Enjoy daily 30-minute webinars, available for you to view at your convenience throughout the challenge. Each session is thoughtfully designed to enlighten, inspire, and support you on your path to success in the challenge!

Day 1: Kickstart Your Nutrition Journey
  • Welcome & Introductions
  • The Power of Tracking: Why Macros Matter
  • Setting Up for Success: Goals and Mindset
  • Overview of the Challenge and Daily Actions
  • Live Q&A: Getting Ready for the Week
Day 2: Macro Mastery Unleashed
  • Recap of Day 1 and Success Stories
  • Deep Dive into Macros: Proteins, Fats, and Carbs
  • How to Calculate Your Macros
  • The Art of Reading Food Labels
  • Live Q&A: Macro Calculations
Day 3: App-tastic Adventures in Tracking
  • Recap of Day 2 and Participant Check-in
  • Tutorial: Navigating the Meal-Tracker App
  • Tips for Accurate Food Logging
  • Overcoming Common Tracking Challenges
  • Live Q&A: App and Tracking Tips
Day 4: Community and Consistency
  • Recap of Day 3 and Sharing Wins
  • The Importance of Support and Accountability
  • How to Leverage the Community for Motivation
  • Staying Consistent: Strategies for Success
  • Live Q&A: Building Your Support System
Day 5: Wrapping Up and Way Forward
  • Recap of Day 4 and Final Leaderboard Update
  • Celebrating Achievements and Sharing Wins
  • Maintaining Momentum Post-Challenge
  • Next Steps: Continuing Your Fitness and Nutrition Journey
  • Live Q&A: Your Questions Answered

Discover the Benefits for You!

  • Macro Mastery: Dive into the world of macros and learn to calculate your own, empowering you with the knowledge to tailor your diet to your body's unique needs. It's like becoming the captain of your own nutritional ship!
  • App-tastic Tracking: With our app's built-in Meal-Tracker, logging your food intake becomes a breeze. It's like having a personal assistant in your pocket, making sure you stay on course effortlessly!
  • Cheerful Camaraderie: Embrace the warmth of community support and accountability. It's like having a fitness family that cheers you on and keeps you motivated every day!
  • Nutritional Nuggets: Absorb valuable nutrition tips and guidance that can help you make smarter food choices. It's like having a personal nutritionist sharing secrets for your success!
  • Leaderboard Limelight: Climb the leaderboard by earning points and showcasing your progress. It's a fun and engaging way to see how far you've come and what you've achieved!
  • And More...

Ways You Earn Points:

  • Participate in daily check-ins via the app
  • Complete daily nutrition habits
  • Complete daily nutrition goal
  • Bonus points are given for optional workouts completed

If you rack up 250 points, you'll sail through the challenge – how exciting is that?

Nutrition Goals & Habits

Monitor nutrition goals and habits for better food choices.

meal tracking 2

Meal Tracking

Stay accountable by tracking your meals.

meal tracking3


1. What exactly are macros and why are they important?

Macros, short for macronutrients, include carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. They are essential for providing your body with the energy it needs. Understanding your macros can help you tailor your diet to better meet your fitness goals.

2. Do I need to have experience with tracking meals and macros to participate?
Not at all! This challenge is designed for individuals at all levels of experience. Whether you're a beginner or have been tracking for a while, you'll find value in the structured approach of this challenge.

3. How much time will I need to dedicate to this challenge each day?
You should set aside about 5 minutes per meal each day to log your meals and track your macros using the Mindset Of Steel Fitness App. The time may vary depending on your familiarity with the process.

4. Can I still eat out during the challenge?
Yes, you can. However, the challenge encourages you to prepare your own meals for a better understanding of what goes into your food. If you do eat out, try to choose dishes that align with your nutritional goals and track them accordingly.

5. What if I miss a day of tracking?
Life happens! If you miss a day, simply pick up where you left off. The challenge is about progress, not perfection. Consistency over time will yield the best results.

6. Will I receive any guidance on how to set my daily nutrition goals?
Yes, upon joining the challenge, you'll get resources that help you determine your personal calorie and macro targets based on your fitness objectives.

7. Is the challenge suitable for those with dietary restrictions or allergies?
Absolutely. The challenge is flexible and can be adapted to accommodate any dietary needs. Just ensure that your meal planning takes your specific restrictions or allergies into account.


Let's do this.


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